Epoxy driveway

Most homeowners care about the look of their homes and the priority given to different sections of the home differs. In most cases, they focus more on some of the sections that will be noticed quickly by visitors. The driveway is arguably one of the first attractions when visitors come to the home. You need […]

Epoxy glue for plastic: Top 6 Products & Comprehensive Guide

Epoxy Glue For Plastic

There are many types of glue and adhesive products on the market. The material and strength of each product differ, depending on the manufacturer. The implication of this is that not all adhesive or glue products are suitable for use on plastic surfaces. The best alternative when you are considering the best adhesive for any […]

Epoxy Gun

Epoxy guns are important for the application of epoxy glue. Improper dispersing of epoxy glue products can threaten their effectiveness. This is why you need to invest in products that ensure your epoxy glue is well applied.   This product allows you to disperse the content in the cartridge of epoxy glues. There are many epoxy […]

Self Leveling Epoxy

Self-Leveling Epoxy could be used to coat  floors, countertops, bar tops, and even tabletops. Using Self Leveling Epoxy is a great idea for these applications but you need to use the right Self Leveling Epoxy product. This is in order for you to enjoy benefits such as durability, easy maintenance, attractive looks, slip resistance, environmental […]

Epoxy Mixers Guide + Reviews {2023}

Best Epoxy Mixers

Perhaps due to its multiple applications, Epoxy resin is one of the most used resins. It comes in handy for making floors, arts & crafts, countertops, durable castings, and a lot more. But epoxy resin (regardless of the type) has to be in the right state to be of good use and epoxy mixers help […]

Epoxy Cutting Board

There are food-grade epoxy resins that are safe for making epoxy cutting boards. Especially for health reasons, you need to make sure your epoxy cutting board is made using these kinds of epoxy resins.  But other than this, there are other tips to help you get the ideal epoxy cutting board. A couple of them […]

Epoxy Pen

Epoxy resin is one of the most utilized resins because of its several applications. It is great for flooring, writing, castings, and even art. As a result, epoxy pens are one of the most sought after pens by artists and the likes. This pen is beautiful, aesthetic and denotes art. Most people even go out […]

Epoxy Primer: A Guide with Top 5 Product Recommendations

Finishing brings out the beauty of any surface. Paintings and epoxy coatings are beautiful but applying an epoxy primer is an important technique that cannot be overlooked. More than just for aesthetics, it helps to preserve the surface.  However, with the different types of epoxy primers on the market, finding the best for your needs […]

Where to buy milliput epoxy putty?

Milliput is an excellent cold setting and non-shrinking epoxy putty which is used to repair different materials including metals, masonry, glass, wood and ceramic. It has been successfully used in areas where welding doesn’t work.  This product can be used by homeowners, factory workers, and anybody that has materials they want to glue together. Milliput […]

How To Fix Pinholes In Epoxy

There are a lot of common mistakes most people make that cause pin holes or bubbles to come out in an epoxy. You must know that these holes are a result of trapped air bubbles that occur in the process of applying epoxy on surfaces and this usually happens after the coat applied has dried […]