The best Epoxy Spiked Shoes for 2023


The last thing you want when installing an epoxy coating on a concrete floor is for a footprint to show after all the stress you’ve gone through. For this reason, epoxy shoes are specifically designed to protect the surface during an epoxy overlay. Epoxy shoes are a great way to walk on surfaces during construction […]

Discover 6 Things You Need to Know About Epoxy Putty

Have you ever had a leaking pipe, a cracked tile, or a rusted metal with holes? You must have thought of an emergency repair for it. Epoxy putty is that suitable emergency for any kind of item or surface. Epoxy putty is a substance that can be used to mend leaks, holes and tears. It […]

How much epoxy do you need?

How much epoxy do you need? The amount of epoxy you need depends on the surface you want to use. If you want to create an epoxy countertype, wall, or floor you need around 10 mil thickness. To determine the exact epoxy you will need to multiply the floor length by the width and depth […]

everything you need to know about epoxy grout

Everything you need to know about epoxy grout If you notice cracks or holes in your bricks or tiles, especially in places with high traffic, you would want to fix them to reinstate the aesthetic appeal of the affected area. Epoxy grout is one substance that is suitable for such fillings and repairs. Epoxy grout […]

The Ultimate Guide: How to Epoxy Anchor Bolts into Concrete

Anchor bolts are an important part of many constructions and manufacturing operations because they provide a stable connection point for various materials to concrete. Epoxy creates a strong and long-lasting bond, making it a popular option for fastening anchor bolts into concrete. This post will present step-by-step guidance on how to epoxy anchor bolts into […]

Top 10 Best Epoxy Resin For Wood River Tables

  Epoxy resin is a popular adhesive and material used in various woodworking activities. Epoxy is used to bond wood and also finish wood surfaces because it is a substance that is durable and strong. It also helps to give wood surfaces a glossy coating when it is used as a surface finish. As a […]

Top 6 Best Epoxy Resin Kits For DIY

Crafting with epoxy resin is an activity that artists, non-artists, and DIYers love. They use epoxy resin kits mixed with gold particles, colorful powders, etc., poured into a mold to craft various items like jewelry and objects like keyholders, epoxy tumblers, and many more. Many epoxy resin kits are available for crafting items, but not […]

Need it Fast? The Top 4 Fast Drying Epoxy Resins for Any Job

  Choosing a fast drying epoxy for your project is the best choice. Epoxy resins are very dursley and non-porous which makes them an\ appropriate choice for countertops, floors, and River tables. When choosing an epoxy to buy, you should consider the UV blockers, viscosity and transparency. This guide will provide a list of fast […]

5 Simple Steps For Pouring Epoxy Over Oil-Based Poly

5 Simple Steps For Pouring Epoxy Over Oil-Based Poly

Yes, you can do so. There’s nothing that stops the two from bonding as long as you provide the right environment for it. More in this in this guide and how to make sure the epoxy stays on. Pouring Epoxy Over Oil-Based Poly Some want to apply epoxy on existing polyurethane surfaces to achieve a […]

The Ultimate Guide: Pouring Epoxy Over Granite Countertops

Pouring Epoxy Over Granite Countertop

epoxy over granite countertops Using epoxy over granite countertops has become popular among people looking for an ideal way to create a style in their rooms. These epoxy countertops look great on your cabinet, wooden floor, and other surfaces when used properly, they can be an excellent way to make your kitchen, bathroom and other […]