Discover 6 Things You Need to Know About Epoxy Putty

Nick Shushan
By Nick Shusan , Epoxy Expert and the CEO of NYC Epoxy Flooring.

December 30, 2022

Have you ever had a leaking pipe, a cracked tile, or a rusted metal with holes? You must have thought of an emergency repair for it. Epoxy putty is that suitable emergency for any kind of item or surface. Epoxy putty is a substance that can be used to mend leaks, holes and tears. It is often easier to use because it is malleable. We have discussed what epoxy putty is,  its different forms and how you can use it. We also recommend some high-quality epoxy putty for your use.

1.What Is Epoxy Putty?

Epoxy putty is a substance that contains resin and hardener. It can be mixed together to combine these two parts to make it work properly. It can be applied to a wide range of surfaces to block holes, prevent tears, and leakages. 

Epoxy putties are designed into specific colors that make them suit the item they are used on.  For instance, some epoxy putties are created to cure into gray color to blend into the same color with clay and terracotta items they are used on.

Different epoxy putties are created for use under different temperatures. Some are more suitable for use under very high temperatures like steam pipes in industries. Epoxy putties are versatile in usage as they can be used to maintain a wide range of items ranging from wood to concrete and even metals.

Epoxy putties are designed in different formats. The most popular ones are the two part putty and the putty stick.

2. The different epoxy forms

Epoxy putty comes in different forms, including epoxy stick, epoxy putty reels, and the two part epoxy putty. The epoxy putty stick has the hardener and the resin in one place. To use it, you have to cut out the amount you need and knead it for proper mixing. Then you apply it on the surface you are working on. The advantage of this putty stick is having the putty in one place. It is easier to get and use. Also, it prevents the possibility of mixing the constituents in the wrong proportion. 

The epoxy reel or tape is like an epoxy stick. Both parts of the epoxy have been mixed into one and stored as a tape.  It makes it easy to take and use  and also rules out the chances of using the wrong ratio

Two part epoxy putty has the hardener and the resin in different places. To use it you have to mix both together to achieve the epoxy putty.  The advantage of having these two part epoxy putty is that you can use the amount of either constituent as it is fitting for the project you are working on. However,  this two-part epoxy can be easily mixed in the wrong proportion. 

It is easy to add too much of either constituent  and this can impact the effectiveness of the putty.  For instance, too much hardener will make the putty dry fast.  And if it is being used in creative work like sculpture making, it can dry out easily, making the work difficult.

3. Where Can You Use Epoxy Putty?

Epoxy putty can be used on glass, plastic, metal, wood, ceramics, concrete and many other surfaces. It can be used to mend items like aluminum fixtures, spa, tiles, drains, faucets, tanks, boats, and so on.

Epoxy putty is great for filling holes in metals. If your metals tools, items, or equipment have holes, you can fill it up with epoxy putty. And since it is paintable, you can paint the entire metal after plugging the hole to give it a new look. 

Items made of wood can also be repaired with epoxy putty. Items like plates, furniture, toys, and instruments images of wood may have cracks or holes in them. Wood epoxy putty is the perfect adhesive to mend it. 

For wooden instruments wood epoxy putty is often most preferable because it is specifically for wood items. It often has brown color and is designed with wood fillings to make it hold onto the wood better.

Ceramic materials like tiles, ornaments, and plates may have cracks that need to be filled. Ceramic epoxy is the perfect choice. Concrete epoxy putty is the perfect material for the repair. Concrete items like slabs and tiles can be mended and fixed with putty. Concrete epoxy putty is designed to cure into gray color to blend with the ceramics. 

Epoxy putty can also be used on moisture, damp and wet surfaces. It can be used to fix leaking pipes in the kitchen or bathroom.  While they are designed for use on leaky surfaces,  endeavor to dry the area before using the epoxy for maximum effect.

4. How Much Epoxy Putty Cost?

There is no fixed price for epoxy putty. The price depends on the kind and size of epoxy you are getting  and even the seller. You may spend between $400 and $600 to get a good epoxy for your project.

5. Tips For Using Epoxy Putty:

If you are new to using epoxy putty, you would need some tips to help you use it appropriately. To avoid the chances of messing up what you are trying to fix, here are some tips to guide you:

  • Choose The Right Epoxy Putty 

Epoxy putty can be used on a variety of surfaces.  The choice of epoxy putty you pick depends on what you want to use it for. For instance, wood epoxy is best for wood items while concrete epoxy is best for concrete surfaces. Ensure to pick the right epoxy putty to have the best effect. 

  • Refer To The Manufacturer’s Instructions

Reading the manufacturer’s instructions before you use the epoxy putty is important. You will have to read instructions on how to use it as well as safety measures to adhere to while using it. 

  • Knead It Thoroughly

It is essential to knead your epoxy thoroughly before applying it to the surface. Kneading it will ensure that the hardener and the resin mixes thoroughly.  It also helps the epoxy putty to cure properly when it is applied to the surface. 

  • Clean The Surface You Apply It To

Before you  apply epoxy putty to any surface ensure that you clean it thoroughly to take out every kind of dirt, oil or grease from it.  The epoxy putty sticks better when it is attached to the surface itself without having anything interfering. For use on wet surfaces, there is specifically putty to use.

If you are applying epoxy putty to a very smooth surface, you may want to add a bit of sand to make it hold better. 

  • Prevent Spills And Drips

When using epoxy putty on any surface, ensure that there are no chances of spills and drips falling on it. This will ensure that it cures properly without wetness intervening.

  • Apply It On Time

Once the epoxy putty has been mixed, it will start to cure. Once you mix the hardener and the resin, apply it to the surface on time for maximum effect.

  • Protect Yourself

Ensure you protect your hands and eyes while using epoxy putty. It is advisable to use eye protection glasses as well as gloves to protect your hands. After application, ensure to wash your hands properly. 

  • Use The Right Size

Using too small epoxy on the surface might lead to omitting some part of the hole to be blocked.  Also, using too much epoxy is a waste of the product and can make this surface bumpy. Therefore, endeavor to use the right size of epoxy for the hole you want to plug.

  • Get Your Tools With You

When applying epoxy putty to any surface, ensure you have the right tools. Typically, you would need a damp cloth, wire brush sandpaper, and sandpaper. 

  • Clean Your Tools Afterwards

Before the epoxy putty hardens, ensure you clean your tools. It is easier to get uncured epoxy putty from your knife than when it is hard.

6. Recommended Epoxy Putty (Amazon And Home Depot)

Whatever surface you are working on, there is a wide range of epoxy putty you can use. They are suitable for surfaces like aluminum, iron, plastic, PVC, and fiberglass. When picking what epoxy putty to buy, ensure that it can be used for indoor and outdoor, it is waterproof, and cures fast. Also, ensure that the epoxy putty can blend perfectly with the surface and its surrounding. 

J-B Weld WaterWeld, 1 Hour Cure, Epoxy Putty Stick

  J-B Weld WaterWeld, 1 Hour Cure, Epoxy Putty Stick - 2 Pack, Off-White (8277-2)

This epoxy putty is designed for metals. It is suitable for use on dry and wet surfaces. It is good to use on items like spa, fuel tank, plumbing, pipes, and many others. It takes about 1 hour to cure, giving more room for manipulation until it is hardened. 

This makes it most suitable for use in delicate productions. The putty hardens into off white color making it match with a wide range of items. Once it is hardened, this putty can be painted, sanded, drilled, and otherwise. Also, it is paintable.

Epoxy Putty, 120g 2 Part Fast Repair Epoxy Glue 
Epoxy Putty, 120g 2 Part Fast Repair Epoxy Glue

This two-part epoxy booty is designed to work on all surfaces including plastic, glass,

metal, wood, stone, and ceramic. It is suitable for use as a crack filler. It is waterproof and heat and cold resistant. 

It has a mixing ratio of 1:1. It starts hardening 8 minutes after it is applied and becomes as hard as steel after 24 hours of application. It can be used in dry surfaces as well as underwater. It can be painted after it cures.

TSSART Resin Adhesive Tape

 TSSART Resin Tape for Epoxy Resin Molding

The TSSART epoxy tape is 54 feet long and 2 inches wide. It has an impressive degree of oxidation and high temperature resistance. If you are working on a high temperature surface, this epoxy putty is suitable for use as it can stand high temperature for about 30 minutes. 

This tape gives you ample time to maneuver projects while using it. This tape peels easily making it easy and convenient for use. Also, you can work with it neatly as it does not stick when it is peeled.


Epoxy putty is effective for blocking holes as well as repairing cracks and tears. There are different types of epoxy putty depending on the kind of surface you are using it on whether it is metal, wood, plastic, concrete, or otherwise. Epoxy putty can come in the form of a stick, that is a putty stick that has both the hardener and resin in one place. It can also be in two parts with the resin and hardener packaged differently. It also has a reel or tape form. 

aWhen using epoxy putty, ensure to follow the tips outlined to have  the best results. There are many epoxy putty  products in the market. The ones listed here are some of the best you can buy for your project.