Metallic epoxy floor

Nick Shushan
By Nick Shusan , Epoxy Expert and the CEO of NYC Epoxy Flooring.

October 18, 2022

Metallic epoxy floor is one of the best flooring systems people opt for for its many benefits. Aside from its aesthetic appeal and suitability for both residential and commercial buildings, it is durable, safe and cost-effective. When it comes to picking what metallic epoxy floor option to go with, a lot depends on individual preference and style.

Whether you are flooring your residential building or a commercial one like a factory or a warehouse, there are many metallic epoxy options to explore. This article outlines the benefits of metallic epoxy flooring systems as well as the different colors you can pick from.

Benefits of metallic epoxy garage floor

The metallic epoxy flooring option has many benefits that have placed it higher in the hierarchy compared to other options. Here are some reasons why you might consider this unique flooring system for your residential and commercial buildings:

Ease of maintenance

Metallic epoxy floors are easy to maintain because they make for easy cleaning. Because epoxy is poured and not like ties that are attached piece by piece, there are no joinings and edges that make cleaning difficult sometimes. There are no crevices for bacteria and dirt to hide in when cleaning.

Also, Metallic epoxy floors are easy to clean because they do not retain stains. By mopping or rinsing off with water, you can get rid of a wide range of dirt from an epoxy floor. When it comes to maintaining a metallic epoxy floor, there is no stress at all. Methods for maintaining your metallic epoxy floor include:

  • Sweeping. If you have dirt, debris, dust or even sand on your metallic epoxy floor, you can easily sweep them off with a soft broom or floor brush.
  • Mopping. For liquids like water pouring on your floor or stains that can be removed with water, mopping is the perfect cleaning method. When mopping your metallic epoxy flooring, it is advisable to use synthetic fabric like rayon as it gets the floor clean without leaving its particles behind. Although some people will not want to use soap on their floor to avoid making it hazy, it is not a bad idea. You can rinse it thoroughly to rid it of the washing soap you used.
  • Vacuuming: this is another time saving and effective cleaning option.

It is durable

One reason why metallic epoxy floors are used in many companies and organizations is that they are durable. Metallic epoxy floors can withstand the wear and tear of continuous usage. In factories and manufacturing companies where they use heavy machines and involve the constant movement of people and machines, a metallic epoxy floor is often used because it can withstand everyday usage and impact.

Metallic epoxy flooring is not easily chipped or cracked. Both the metallic epoxy floor and the different coatings are durable and withstand high traffic.

Aesthetic appeal

One popular reason why people opt for epoxy flooring is that it satisfies a wide range of aesthetic preferences. Metallic epoxy has its aesthetic value. The metallic epoxy flooring system is stylish and sophisticated. It gives your floor a heightened look, especially with the shiny and smooth surface of the floor.

The metallic epoxy flooring system comes in a wide range of colours and designs. You can have any pattern you wish for. For industrial and commercial buildings, there are styles that will make your interiors look stylish without compromising on functionality.

It saves you some cost

Installing a metallic epoxy floor in your property, whether it is residential or commercial, can save you some money. First of all, this is an economical flooring option compared to others like vinyl and hardwood. Aside from the Installation process and materials, it is easy to maintain.

In the course of using your metallic epoxy floor, you do not need to worry too much about cleaning materials and products like soap because the floor can get clean easily. With a dish washing soap, you can get your metallic epoxy floor clean and shining. By the way, epoxy floors are resistant to water and stain.

Also, metallic epoxy floors are durable. This means you can have a long years of usage if your metallic epoxy is professionally installed. Aside from the Installation, the material itself is long-lasting. Epoxy floors do not chip. So you do not have to think of a replacement very often.

It is safe

Metallic epoxy floor is safe to use because it is not slippery. Compared to other flooring systems available, metallic epoxy floor is not as slippery which makes it a safe option. This is one reason why some people prefer to have it installed in their homes. For people who are concerned about slippage, there are slip resistant additives you can explore.

Suitable for heavy duty

The amount of work and usage you subject your floor to will determine how much it can perform and how long it can last. The metallic epoxy floor is designed to withstand hard work. It is very strong and usually stronger than concrete.

In factories where they handle weighty machinery and equipment, extreme temperature and weather conditions, and constant usage, metallic epoxy floor is usually a recommended smart option.

It is environmentally friendly

Metallic epoxy floor leaves the environment with no pollution. The installation process for metallic epoxy floors is designed in such a way that it leaves less waste behind. The material does not flake and impact the environment with particles. Also, metallic epoxy floors are easy to maintain so you do not need harsh chemicals for cleaning it. So with less flaking and less chemicals involved in cleaning it, this flooring system is environmentally friendly.

White metallic epoxy floor

One reason why the metallic epoxy floor is a popular option is the diversity of colors it comes in. White metallic epoxy floors are great for their brightness and for making small spaces look big. If you are thinking of having white metallic epoxy on your floor, then you should consider some top products. Some good ones are:

These products are recommended for their self-leveling, durability, and crystal clear qualities. They are compatible with concrete and great for a wide range of floors.

Black metallic epoxy floor –

Opting for a Black Metallic epoxy floor is also a great choice giving the ability of the color to hide stains. Although metallic epoxy floors repel stains, a black color makes it less obvious that the floor is dirty. It is a great choice for use in manufacturing factories and other commercial areas where there is constant usage and routine cleaning. If you are thinking of installing black metallic epoxy floor in your building, here are some great options to pick from:

These options are great because they tick all the necessary boxes. They are durable and level easily.

Gray metallic epoxy floor

Gray is another great color of metallic epoxy floors. It is especially great for industrial and manufacturing buildings. There are a large number of durable shining and aesthetically appealing gray metallic epoxy floor coatings that you can pick from. Some recommended products include:

These products are recommended because they have passed the test of time. They are stylish, durable, and have aesthetic qualities. We have listed different shades of gray to suit your choice.

Blue metallic epoxy floor

The blue color on any floor is unique if it is professionally installed. Blue color is related to calmness and peace of mind which makes it a great choice for any residential building. It is also an excellent option for commercial buildings that promote services and products relating to water and cleanliness. If you are thinking what shade of blue is good for you, check out these suggestions:

Metallic epoxy floor kit

You need a metallic epoxy floor kit to achieve any interior makeover that you want without compromising on functionality. There are different brands of kits but what is most important is the value you get from your purchase. Some of the brands you can try include:

These products are highly recommended for their designs and quick cure. They come in a wide range of styles and colors and are easy to apply. They make for strong water-resistant bonding that lasts for a long time.

Bronze metallic epoxy floor kit

The brownish and goldish color of bronze makes it a very unique metallic epoxy floor coating. This color makes for a beautiful floor when used in both residential and commercial buildings. It can come in different shades ranging from light to dark and even 3D options. Here are some suggestions of bronze metallic epoxy floor kits:

These suggested bronze epoxy are long lasting, easy to install with simple instructions, classy and reputable for their fast curing.

Purple metallic epoxy floor kit

Purple is the color of royalty. This colour of metallic epoxy floor is a smart option that can easily uplift your residential home’s elegance. And if you use it for your commercial building, you are simply one amongst many. You stand out in style and sophistication without compromising on practicality. We have suggested some durable, fast curing, easy to apply, beautiful purple metallic epoxy floor kit for you:

Brown metallic epoxy floor kit

The brown color looks mature and sits well on any surface. So if you want to have one in your factory, garage, or residential home, you are in order. Here are suggestions you will like:

These carefully selected brown metallic epoxy floor options are some of the best you can find in the market. They come with instructions that make their application easy. You can as well choose to apply them yourself and you will have a splendid result.

How much does it cost

The cost of getting a metallic epoxy floor done can depend on the materials you are using. The more material you add for extra protection like those against slippage and chemical stains, the more the cost you will incur.

The average cost of installing metallic epoxy flooring ranges between $3 to $12 per sqf. You can expect to spend between $780 to $2000 for a 250 sqf space. If you want to Install epoxy on a 400 to 500 sq ft space, you might spend between $1350 and $4000. The bigger the surface area, the higher the overall cost of installation.

DIY epoxy floor metallic

You can choose to install your metallic epoxy floor yourself and this is totally possible. Going the DIY way can be both exciting and a learning opportunity. To ensure you have a smooth and easy process, you have to ensure that every imperfection on the surface is repaired. In situations where the concrete is cracked or not too strong, ensure to carry out the necessary repairs before you start coating.

Also ensure that the surface is well cleaned and nothing interrupts its smoothness. Get the right materials ready and you are good to go. Here are some recommended products for you if you want to go the DIY way:

3d metallic epoxy floor

3D designs are lifelike and more attractive. They give you the illusion of having actual images on the metallic epoxy coated surface. 3D metallic epoxy floor is a luxurious option that makes your surface unique, interesting, and attractive.

There are numerous designs that come with the metallic epoxy 3D options that you can choose from. You can explore your creativity and create any theme you want in your residential or commercial building by choosing the kind of 3D design that resonates with the result you want. Here are some helpful and trusted suggestions to choose from:

These 3D metallic epoxy floor suggestions are fast curing and can be completely cured within 24 hours. These options are UV resistant and non toxic. They are ready to mix and give a crystal clear look.

How long does metallic epoxy floor last?

Metallic epoxy floors are known to last for a long time. This is one reason why many people opt for them among other options. However, you need to maintain them to ensure they last long. In commercial buildings like restaurants, factories, and warehouses where there is high traffic, the metallic epoxy flooring can last between 2 to 3 years.

In residential apartments, the floor can last for the same period of time. However, there is a high chance of it lasting up to 10 years with proper maintenance.

How much does metallic epoxy flooring cost?

The cost of metallic epoxy flooring depends on a number of factors, including the type of epoxy you are using and additional protective materials you use. You may choose to use protectants against spills, dirt, and slippage. The kind of additional materials you include in your metallic epoxy flooring will determine how much cost you have to incur at the end of the day.

You should know that whatever amount you spend on your metallic epoxy flooring is worth it. The additional materials you use will serve you in the long run.

The condition of the flow will also determine how much you spend on epoxy installation. If it is old and the concrete is cracked you will need to get it fixed before the main metallic epoxy is installed. If the cracks are an indication of a faulty foundation, you will end up spending more. This is because you have to pay for the foundation to be evaluated, reports to be made on the soil, and other necessities before the foundation is repaired and your metallic epoxy is installed.

What is an epoxy metallic floor?

Epoxy metallic floor is a unique epoxy flooring system that includes a mixture of epoxy and metallic additives. The epoxy metallic floor is known for its aesthetic results after installation. The Metallic additive in the epoxy mixture makes it create different designs that makes every installation unique. There are different epoxy metallic floor options depending on how much you want to spend on each and the design you want to get.

Is metallic epoxy floor slippery?

Metallic epoxy floors are not slippery, although their reflective look might make them seem so. For a non-slip floor for residential buildings or even commercial ones, metallic epoxy is a smart option. However, there are extra materials you can add to your metallic epoxy while installing them to ensure there is no slippage if that is a concern for you. Additives like pumice, polymer grit, or silica sand are great options.


Metallic epoxy flooring system is one of the best options for both residential and commercial buildings. They are stylish, durable, cost effective, and easy to maintain. What makes them a popular option is the many designs and styles they come in. Metallic epoxy floor comes in a diverse range of colors and themes that suits a wide range of aesthetic choices. There are also 3D designs that can easily transform any surface into a unique display of beauty.