Where to buy milliput epoxy putty?

Nick Shushan
Nick Shushan

Epoxy Expert and the CEO of NYC Epoxy Flooring.

Milliput is an excellent cold setting and non-shrinking epoxy putty which is used to repair different materials including metals, masonry, glass, wood and ceramic. It has been successfully used in areas where welding doesn’t work. 

This product can be used by homeowners, factory workers, and anybody that has materials they want to glue together. Milliput can be purchased in many online leading shops, e-commerce outlets and others we would be recommending below.

Overview of milliput epoxy putty

Milliput epoxy putty is a versatile repair material that can be used on almost any material and any surface. This product is self-hardening, works underwater, is durable, doesn’t shrink, is very adhesive and has electrical insulation.

Getting the various milliput epoxy putty from various stores

If you have a damaged surface and need the milliput epoxy putty here are some good suggestions :

Milliput Epoxy Milturq Turquoise 

The is an excellent series of the milliput family. You can use it for wood turning, jewelry making and some other creative purposes. To get the best out of this product, you will need to mix in appropriate portions. The Milturq epoxy putty can be used to create a soft and highly effective adhesive which works well for various surfaces.

 The best temperature for this is between 67-78 degrees. It bonds well to wood, plastic and glass. However, it can irritate your skin if not washed off properly. When using this epoxy, use rubber gloves and store them properly. 

Milliput Superfine White 4oZ

When seeking a quality milliput epoxy product for modeling and bonding, this is an ideal suggestion. It consists of two major parts and mixes well. With a great kneading, the surface or material will harden within 5 minutes. Ensure you keep the milliput superfine product in a cool solution. It has an expiration date of two and a half years. 

When it has been used fully, the surface can be drilled, sanded and painted. Moreover, you can use it for connecting materials and it attaches properly to stone, wood and glass. If you want a quick curing solution, you can heat the material by using an oven or hair dryer. It’s a bit more expensive than other milliput products. 

Milliput Superfine 2-Part Self Hardening Putty, White – Amazon.com

The milliput product is an ideal choice for modeling and sculpting. Moreover, it is a good solution to restore ceramics, porcelain and antiques. The superfine part has a good shelf life and can work for most surfaces. Your surface should be ready within three minutes. 

Superfine White Milliput Epoxy Putty – Hot Clay

The superfine white milliput is a perfectly formulated product for the restoration of ceramics and other surfaces where a fine finish is needed. It is a milliput product which allows missing components to be rejoined. The superfine product is one of the finest milliput materials used for ceramic restoration. The sticks of this product grade come in different colors and you can use them to mix in four minutes. 

When using this product avoid the liquid to touch your eyes because it could cause eye sores. Ensure you use polythene gloves when mixing to avoid rashes on your hands. 

Milliput epoxy putty standard yellow gray 

Milliput yellow gray is a fine product that comes with different epoxy putty. When you buy this item, it comes with two separate stick parks. The best way to use this solution is to mix it with water within 2-4.minutes. It is a powerful adhesive which works perfectly for cement concrete and whatnot. The product is heat resistant up to 140 Celsius and can be used for sculpting and modeling. It’s cheap and can be very versatile. 


Using milliput epoxy putty has become a necessity for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a homeowner or a factory worker. This is a product which works for leaking pipes, cracked concrete or chipped tiles. It is versatile and has become popular among mint households. You can get this adhesive at the best online stores such as Target, Amazon, and eBay, amongst others.

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