Best Epoxy Flooring Contractors In Miami – 5 stars contractors

Nick Shushan
By Nick Shusan , Epoxy Expert and the CEO of NYC Epoxy Flooring.

October 14, 2022

There’s nothing more appealing than having a touch of epoxy on the flooring plans of your home. Epoxy flooring which is also known as resinous flooring is an attractive choice for designing the floor of any building. What’s more is that epoxy floors are stable, durable, strong, and customizable.

However, to achieve the epoxy flooring design of your choice, you would have to employ the services of competent and reliable epoxy flooring contractors in Miami. While surfing through possible options, it’s important to look out for professionalism, affordability, and quality of the service they can provide.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best epoxy flooring contractors in Miami that you should consider to get the job done. 

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How To Choose The Best Epoxy Flooring Contractor In Miami

To successfully ensure the installation of an epoxy coating on your floors, it’s advisable to extensively checklist certain requirements that match the credibility of an epoxy flooring contractor in Miami.

Epoxy coating, especially on floors can be quite delicate and must be done correctly to avoid getting an unsatisfactory result. Thus, you should be able to look out for:

  1. Level Of Experience: The level of experience speaks volumes about how competent an epoxy flooring contractor can be. The higher the level of expertise and experience, the higher your chances of getting a job well done. So be sure to inquire from the contractor and know how long they’ve worked in the field of epoxy flooring installation.
  2. License, Insurance, And Warranty: Before giving the job to just any contractor, be sure to validate the contractor’s license, insurance plan, and warranty period offered. This helps in combating damages that may arise in the future concerning the installation.
  3. Check Out Reviews And Feedback: This is another great way of selecting the best epoxy flooring contractor in Miami. You can ask for their online website and check out reviews, or seek third-party reviews from people who have patronized the contractor and be sure to work with positive reviews.
  4. Check out previous epoxy flooring sites and see if it matches your taste.

What Should You Ask Your Epoxy Flooring Contractor?

Before you go ahead to employ the services of an epoxy contractor, it’s advisable to ask certain important questions to provide more clarity.

As earlier stated, it’s a good idea to ask about the contractor’s warranty plan offered and a view of previous epoxy flooring projects they’ve worked on.

Ask some questions about;

  • Installation process
  • How long it’ll take for the epoxy installation 
  • The materials they’d require and the affordability rate.  

The best epoxy flooring contractors would be willing to give information about their installation process, use quality materials, and be able to provide a specific time frame for the completion of the project that is satisfactory to both of you.

Epoxy Flooring Prices

Epoxy flooring prices in Miami may vary and are dependent on certain factors that can affect the price. These factors include:

  • The size of the site in need of the epoxy installation. That is interior floors, basements, and/or garages.
  • The condition of the underlying surface, which is concrete. This means that the concrete could be uneven, broken, or requires cleaning.
  • The square footage.
  • The number of coats applied.
  • Labor.
  • Equipment ( Sprayer, trowel, or squeegee).

Pricing For Interior Floors

The average price for epoxy flooring installations on interior floors per square foot ranges from $3.00-$15.00. Bear in mind that factors like size, coats applied, labor, etc will affect the price too.

Pricing For Basements

The average price for Basements is usually around $2000-$13,000. This is also dependent on factors mentioned above like size, square footage of the basement, etc.

Pricing For Garages 

The pricing attached to epoxy applications in garages is influenced by the square footage of the garage, the number of cars fitted for it, as well as other factors. The price ranges from about $1,000-$9,000.

Recommended Epoxy Flooring Contractors In Miami 

Diamond Epoxy Floors

With over 10 years of experience in the epoxy business and a 5-star rating via google, Diamond Epoxy Floors offers cutting-edge epoxy installations on floors, and garages, as well as metallic epoxy flooring. So whatever building project of yours in Miami, FL, requires epoxy flooring, Diamond Epoxy Floors promises to provide an amazing result.

Alpha Epoxy Miami LLC

At Alpha Epoxy Miami LLC, you’re offered high-quality epoxy installations for your projects, while prioritizing your budget and needs. Services proffered include flakes of epoxy, epoxy floor coating, a free quote, etc. With a 5-star rating and reviews from users on Google and Facebook, you can trust that you’ll get value for your money.

Epoxy Designer- Diamond Bright Floors LLC

Epoxy Designers is a brand dedicated to ensuring that the best epoxy flooring installations and finishes are being applied to your projects. With creative and innovative designs, 5-star reviews from google, and viable projects completed on the website, you should expect to have a job well done.


Is Having An Epoxy Flooring Worth It?

It is definitely worth it. From its benefits which range from durability, affordability, strength, and attractiveness, it’s sure to make the floors of your projects stand out.

How Long Is An Epoxy Floor Expected To Last?

Epoxy floors are known for their ability to last long, their strength, resistance to heat, shock, and other factors. Thus, they’re a good flooring material and are expected to last for about 2-4 years with required maintenance.


Giving the floors of buildings a different touch and a chance to stand out can be achieved by incorporating epoxy flooring. However, to attain the right result, you must make use of the services of some of the best epoxy flooring contractors in Miami.