Epoxy Dining Table ideas

Nick Shushan
By Nick Shusan , Epoxy Expert and the CEO of NYC Epoxy Flooring.

January 14, 2023

You’re probably tired of the boring traditional dining tables made from ceramics, glass, marble, or just wood. You’re not alone in this. Many people too are and that’s why they are now embracing tables made from epoxy resins.

Epoxy is an adhesive that is formed from epoxy resin and hardeners. It can be used for many different purposes like painting, electronics, repairs, etc. 

But it can also be used to make beautiful dining tables. You must be wondering how.

Well, in this article, we’ll be discussing all you need to know about epoxy dining tables.

Let’s get to it!

Epoxy dining table: Top 3 products from Amazon

If you’re looking to buy an epoxy dining table but don’t know which one to go for, here are the top 3 from Amazon that you can check out.

1. Personalized epoxy river wooden dining table

Personalized epoxy river wooden dining table

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This is a river resin table from Amazon. It’s made from oak wood and blue epoxy resin. It is a beautiful and one of a kind dining table that can suit well in your dining room or office.

It has X-shaped iron legs to complement the fine wooden slabs. If you’re looking for an epoxy dining that will give your home that grandeur look, this is your best bet. It’s suitable for a family of 2, 4, 6 or 8.

2. Tuzech epoxy thick resin river table

TUZECH Epoxy Table Top Fully Customised Thick Resin River Table Indoor Outdoor Coffee Table Top Wooden Dining Table Top (60x36 inches)

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This unique epoxy dining table is made from the highest quality of hardwoods and epoxy resin. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use. If you’re living in a small apartment and you need an epoxy table that can fit into a small space, you should check this out.

It’s made from walnut wood and has various kinds of legs that you can choose from. 

3. Natural Mazel Tree Round Dining Table with Epoxy Resin

Natural Mazel Tree Round Dining Table with Epoxy Resin

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This epoxy dining table is made from completely walnut wood and epoxy resin. It has a metallic base that is painted with electrostatic paint. It does not rust or spill and you can repaint it over time.

It’s suitable for only indoor use and a maximum of three people. So, if you’re a family of more than three, this is not for you. 

It is elegant and durable. You can use it for a long time because it doesn’t scratch or wear out. 

4. Personalized Large EPOXY Table, Resin Dining Table for ,River Dining Table Top, Wood Epoxy Coffee Table Top, Living Room Table

Personalized Large EPOXY Table

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Personalized Large EPOXY Table, Resin Dining Table for 2, 4, 6, 8 River Dining Table Top,Coffee Table Top, Living Room Table

Personalized Large EPOXY Table

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Epoxy dining table ideas

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What is an epoxy dining table?

An epoxy dining table is a piece of furniture made from epoxy resin and wooden planks. It comes in different sizes, colors and designs. It is known for its beauty and long-lasting nature and that’s why many people are using it.

Benefits of epoxy dining tables

Epoxy dining tables have a lot of advantages over other kinds of dining tables. If you’re not sure why you should get an epoxy dining table, here are some things you’ll enjoy from having one.

They are durable

Epoxy dining tables are durable because of how they are made. When the epoxy resin dries up, the table becomes very strong. They are long-lasting compared to dining tables made from other kinds of materials.

Also, because of their durability, they don’t require high maintenance or frequent refinishing. 

They are heat-resistant 

Unlike other kinds of dining tables, epoxy dining tables are heat resistant. If you mistakenly spill a hot beverage on the table, for example, you won’t have to worry about any damage.

You still have to be careful when placing hot things on them though if you want them to last longer. They are not heatproof. 

They have non-toxic surface

The surface of an epoxy dining table is non-toxic and cannot cause any harm to you. You can eat and do anything on it without the fear of inhaling harmful chemicals. The chemicals in epoxy resin are not harmful and do not pose any threat to humans.

They are easy to clean and maintain 

Their glossy and smooth surfaces make it easy to clean and maintain them. Stains and dirt are easy to remove because they can’t get stuck on the surface. You can easily clean an epoxy dining table with a napkin and clean water, you don’t need to add any tough stain removal chemicals.

They come in different beautiful designs

You can choose any kind of design of epoxy dining table that you want. It could be customized in different forms. They also have beautiful and shiny surfaces that are visually appealing.

They are lightweight 

Epoxy dining tables are not heavy like other dining tables. Regardless of the size, epoxy dining tables are lighter than wooden tables, ceramic, or any other kind of tables.

Where can you buy an epoxy dining table?

You can buy an epoxy dining table from any online or offline store that sells them. There are many online marketplaces where you can get any design, color, or size of epoxy dining table that you want. Some of the online stores you can check out are Amazon, Etsy, Wayfair, and eBay.

The sizes and prices of epoxy dining tables

Epoxy dining tables come in different sizes and this is what determines the price aside from the design. If you are planning to buy an epoxy dining table, you need to know the size you want before you budget for it. 

The size of an epoxy dining table ranges from 24 by 40 inches to 52 by 90 inches. However, you can request a bigger or smaller size when you want to buy it. 

The prices are determined by the size and the design and it ranges from $1,000 to $5000, depending on the seller.


Can you epoxy a dining table?

Yes, you can epoxy a dining table. All you need to do is get the materials like wood, epoxy resin, silicone spray, etc. There are easy-to-follow DIY tutorials that you can check online if you’re not sure how to go about it.

How much does it cost to epoxy a table?

The cost of making an epoxy table depends on the design and how big it is. For example, a coffee-sized epoxy table will cost less than a dining table or an office table. 

Other factors that will affect the cost of making an epoxy table are the type of wood you want to use for the slabs, the quality of the epoxy resin, and the kind of material you’ll use for the legs.

However, the overall cost of making a small or medium-sized table should not be between $50 to $200. While a large-sized table might cost between $500 to $2000.

Are epoxy tables durable?

Epoxy tables are durable and last longer when you use quality epoxy resin and wood. They are resistant to heat and are not easily scratched or roughened. Unless you wish to change the design or size, you can use them for as long as you want.

Can you use epoxy on a tabletop?

Yes, you can use epoxy on a tabletop. Here’s how to:

  • Clean your tabletop surface.
  • Mix the epoxy and hardener you want to use.
  • Mix the additives of your choice to beautify it.
  • Pour the mixed epoxy on your tabletop and spread it evenly.
  • Pour the additives however you want them to be.
  • Blend them.
  • Let it dry for 24 – 48 hours.


Epoxy dining tables are the best kind of tables people are using now. They are now used everywhere from restaurants to hotels and offices. The good thing is that you can DIY and make any design or size you want.