Why Is Epoxy so Expensive?

Nick Shushan
By Nick Shusan , Epoxy Expert and the CEO of NYC Epoxy Flooring.

June 14, 2022

Epoxy is one of the best kinds of resins that can be used for various projects. Be that as it may, the issue many people face is that it does not come cheap. Expensive raw materials, technicalities involved in its production, and regulation costs are just a few of the reasons why Epoxy is as expensive as it is.

We would shed more light on the reasons why this resin option is expensive here. You would also get to know if using Epoxy as your resin option is a good idea given its cost.

Product Price
Epoxy Flooring 6-12$ per SQF
Garage Epoxy Flooring 4-15$ per SQF
Metallic Epoxy 8-20$ per SQF
Epoxy Table Starting around 2000$
Epoxy Resin Starting from 30$ ish

What Makes Epoxy More Expensive than Many Other Resins?

Quite a number of factors are responsible for the expensive cost of this resin. This is especially when you compare it to other options. Some of these factors include:

Why Is Epoxy so Expensive?

Technicalities Involved in Production

Only the best hands and minds are well able to produce this resin. Epoxy happens to be one of those resin options that present a lot of technicalities during production.

In other words, the chances of the production process going south are very likely. As a result of how technical the production process is, this has affected the cost of getting this resin.

Financial Cost of Regulating Products

Regulatory bodies such as the FDA understand the need to make only top-quality Epoxy products available. This is why they leave no stone untouched in properly regulating these products.

Well, the other side to this story is that the degree of regulation by the FDA is costly. Eventually, this is added to the charges paid by consumers.

Expensive Raw Material

Quite a lot of the components required in making this resin do not come cheap. This is especially as there are high-grade components needed. Bisphenol and Epichlorohydrin are examples of such components.

Cost of Human Protection

Quite a number of the components used to make this resin have toxic properties. These are the sort of properties that can cause harm to people handling them if they are not well protected.

Protection here means workers are well trained to handle these components, as well as providing the necessary gears for protection. All these are some of the things that make the price of Epoxy what it is.

Why Is Epoxy Resin Still Popularly Used for Momentos?

One would think that the cost of this resin would put most people off and stop them from using it. Well, this does not seem to be the case as Epoxy resin is still popularly used. This resin’s lightweight and durable features are some of the major reasons for this.

For the record, it is a lot better than using glass, metal, and even clay when you consider how durable and lightweight it is. This makes it a medium that is ideal by so many standards.

Why epoxy tables are so expensive?


Is Epoxy Better than Resin Glue?

Both resin glue and epoxy offer quite a lot in terms of strength. This is seeing how the formation of strong bonds is not a problem for both. However, it should be noted that Epoxy resin does a better job at this.

As a result of this major quality, both are used a lot for construction projects and household repairs as well. The time it takes for them to dry is also a major difference between both.

What Makes Epoxy Better than Polyester Resin?

Odor is one of the major reasons epoxy resins are a lot better than polyester resins. There is a strong odor that is associated with polyester resins but this is not the case with Epoxy resins. Other than this, one very impressive quality of the epoxy resin is moisture resistance. This alone says a lot about why products made using it last longer and serve their purpose well.

Polyester resin is one of the options that are used in place of epoxy resin. This is especially by those put off by the cost of Epoxy resin.

How Do You Tell a Quality Epoxy Resin Product?

Especially for those in the United States, FDA approval is one of the indications that an Epoxy resin product is good enough. So, you need to make sure the products you purchase have been approved by the FDA.