The best 4 Epoxy shoes for 2023

The last thing you want when installing an epoxy coating on a concrete floor is for a footprint to show after all the stress you’ve gone through. For this reason, epoxy shoes are specifically designed to protect the surface during an epoxy overlay.

Epoxy shoes are a great way to walk on surfaces during construction without damaging the finishes. Also, the spikes ensure that people can move quickly and put the epoxy coating directly on the floor without damaging it or getting any on their boots.

How to choose the best epoxy shoes

However, with so many epoxy shoes on the market, it might take some work to pick one that meets your needs. Read on to find out more and also get recommendations for epoxy shoe products.

Top Epoxy Shoes Recommendation

Here are some of the best epoxy shoe recommendations:

Grarg Gunite Spiked Shoes

Grarg Gunite Spiked Shoes, Fully Assembled Epoxy Shoes with 3/4" Short Spikes Perfect For Epoxy Floor, Overlays, Cover Installation

Grarg Gunite Spiked are some of the best epoxy shoes you can find. The reinforced sole is made of robust and solvent-resistant polypropylene that will not break. The nails on each pair of spikes are fully assembled, so no time or effort is required for installation.

You just need to tie your shoelaces, and you’re set to go. The shoe board measures 12*5.1 inches and fits all shoe sizes practically. It also has velcro straps that you can adjust to keep the shoes securely on your feet.

Gunite Spiked Shoes with 1 inch Short

Gunite Spiked Shoes with 1 inch Short, Spiked Shoes for Epoxy Floor Gunite Epoxy Spiked Shoes Non-Slip Adjustable Snap with Wrench (Black)

Gunite Spiked Shoes protect your shoes from adhering and remove air bubbles during epoxy application. Steel spikes around the base help keep you balanced while walking on surfaces such as epoxy, concrete, and paint.

The shoe plate is polypropylene and has 13 steel spikes measuring 1.2 inches in length. This epoxy spike shoe size is 11.8 x 5.1 inches with 13 corrosion-resistant steel spikes, and you can also customize or change the laces if you like.

Leweio Epoxy Floor Spiked Shoes

Leweio Epoxy Floor Spiked Shoes -Metal Plate Gunite Spiked Screeding Shoes with 3/4” Short Spikes Perfect For Epoxy Resin

Most spike shoes on the market have a plastic base that easily breaks and allows the nuts to fall out, but not Leweio spike shoes. Leweio spikes shoes will do an excellent job of protecting your shoes from sticking and removing air bubbles during epoxy resin operations.

It has steel nails that help you keep your balance while walking on epoxy, concrete, painted, or gunite surfaces without leaving footprints on them. The Epoxy spike shoes are made of impenetrable soft black leather and have an 11.8 x 5.1-inch aluminum alloy base plate with 26 anti-corrosive steel nails and adjustable laces.

Also, Leweio gunite spike shoes are made of aluminum alloy plates with a new nut lock mechanism, which makes them solid and durable.

Lawn Aerator Shoes Perfect for Epoxy Floor

 Gunite Spiked Shoes, Lawn Aerator Shoes Perfect for Epoxy Floor, Overlays, Cover Installation, Grass Aerating (Universal Size)

Lawn Aerator Shoes are great for installing epoxy floors and other floor coverings, and unlike other epoxy shoes, they are very easy to put together.

They are durable and strong enough to support any weight, and the quality spikes and straps don’t fall off while walking.

No matter your feet size, each pair of lawn shoes has straps you can change to ensure they fit right. You are just an adjustment away from increasing or decreasing the size.

How to choose the best epoxy flooring shoes?

When working with epoxy flooring, it is important to protect your feet from the harsh chemicals and rough surface. The best way to do this is by wearing epoxy flooring shoes. Here are some tips for choosing the best epoxy flooring shoes:

  1. Look for shoes that are specifically designed for epoxy flooring. These shoes will have features such as a non-slip sole and chemical resistant upper to protect your feet from spills and slips.
  2. Choose shoes with a closed toe and heel. This will protect your feet from accidental spills and drops.
  3. Make sure the shoes fit properly. Epoxy flooring shoes should fit snugly to prevent your feet from sliding around inside the shoe, which can cause blisters and other foot injuries.
  4. Consider the type of work you will be doing. If you will be standing for long periods of time, look for shoes with cushioning and arch support to help reduce fatigue.
  5. Check the durability of the shoes. Epoxy flooring can be tough on shoes, so it is important to choose a pair that will last. Look for shoes with reinforced toe caps and sturdy soles.

By following these tips, you can find the best epoxy flooring shoes to keep your feet safe and comfortable while you work.

Is It Necessary to Wear Spike Shoes While Installing Epoxy Floors?

Yes, you should wear epoxy shoes when applying epoxy coating to the floor. They are beneficial because they help speed up the coating process without damaging the floor.

If you wear spiked shoes while applying epoxy, you can walk over the whole surface without fear of leaving marks or footprints on your epoxy coating during construction.


Epoxy shoes are a great way to walk on surfaces during construction without damaging the finishes. They are very useful in construction and should be used for any epoxy coating job.

There are different types of epoxy shoes on the market based on their use and application. So, choose from the recommendations above if you want the best epoxy shoe that suits your taste.

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