How To Prep Garage Floor For Epoxy

Nick Shushan
By Nick Shusan , Epoxy Expert and the CEO of NYC Epoxy Flooring.

June 14, 2022

Epoxy floors are visually appealing, long-lasting floors that require adequate preparations before coating to increase their durability. To prepare a garage floor for epoxy coating, sweep the floor with a broom and moisture vacuum, then degrease the floor. Using the solvent in the epoxy coating kit, etch the garage concrete floor following the manufacturing company’s instructions.

Keep reading to see a detailed explanation of how you should prepare a garage floor for epoxy coating, the steps to take when cleaning the garage surface, and some safety tips to note.

Garage Floor Preparation for Epoxy Coating

Epoxy floor coatings work on garage floors that have not cracked, but any concrete repair solution can effectively fix most minor cracks on a garage concrete floor. Epoxy coating on concrete requires a clean surface to bond well. Clean the surface thoroughly before any epoxy application. Before pouring epoxy on the repaired areas, ensure they are dry and cured.

Steps On How To Prep Garage Surface For Epoxy Application

Follow these steps to prep the garage floor for epoxy application:

  1. Sweep and degrease the floor

Vacuum dirt and dust off the garage floor with a vacuum cleaner or sweep with a broom. Remove grease with a solvent and a sharp brush. Let the floor dry after rinsing the degreaser with enough water.

  1. Etch the garage concrete floor

Using the instructional information that comes with the epoxy kit, apply the mixture to the garage floor. Allow several days for the floor to dry completely.

  1. Get the floor ready.

Tape the base of the walls using wide artist tape to enable you to pour the epoxy directly to the edges of the walls.

  1. Mix the solution

A two-part epoxy is made of a catalyst (or adhesive) and a resin (paint) that is mixed immediately before use. Shake the resin mixture for a few seconds, add the adhesive and then stir for a few minutes till the two components are mixed. Close the lid and set it aside for the duration of time the manufacturing company specified, which will differ based on temperature.

  1. Use the Epoxy

Once the epoxy mixture is ready, apply it. Applying the epoxy should be done in two hours and less in hot conditions. Keep the garage ventilated during application and curing.

  1. Allow the garage floor to dry.

Wait at least 24 hours before walking on the new epoxy floor and at least a few more days (preferably a week) before bringing any vehicle into the garage.

Should The Garage Floor Be Ground Before Applying Epoxy?

For people who are constructing a garage floor and do not have access to commercial grinders, acid etching is a perfect alternative. For industrial installations or cracked floors, grind the floor before applying the epoxy.

Safety Tips

Solvents used to prep garage floors are diluted muriatic acid and can damage the skin, eyes, and lungs. Remember to wear your safety gear (eye goggles and nose mask, side protection, trousers, and long sleeves) while engraving a garage floor to apply epoxy.

In Summary

From the information provided above, you have seen how you can prep the garage floor for epoxy application. Ensure that you adhere to the safety tips and follow the instructions given by your product manufacturer.