Epoxy Gun: Complete Guide & Top 3 Products

Nick Shushan
By Nick Shusan , Epoxy Expert and the CEO of NYC Epoxy Flooring.

August 17, 2022

Epoxy guns are important for the application of epoxy glue. Improper dispersing of epoxy glue products can threaten their effectiveness. This is why you need to invest in products that ensure your epoxy glue is well applied.  

This product allows you to disperse the content in the cartridge of epoxy glues. There are many epoxy gun products out there but you should be interested in getting the right one. This is so that you get value for money and achieve the goal of using the product.


Epoxy Gun- What does it mean?

This is a tool that is used to ensure epoxy glue products are applied properly. The epoxy glue cartridge or cartridges (if it is a dual-component product) will be fitted into the gun and applied based on its design. Overall, the goal is to ensure that the content of the epoxy product’s cartridge or cartridges is applied properly.

Considering that there are two major kinds of epoxy glue products – single-component and dual-component epoxy glues, this is one of the things that should determine your choice of epoxy guns. For the most part, epoxy guns are used for dual-component epoxy glues.

This sort of epoxy glue (dual-component epoxy glue) comes with two cartridges. The first houses the epoxy resin and the other the hardener. If you are using this sort of epoxy glue product, then you should go for an epoxy gun that allows you to properly disperse its content. This is because getting the right mixtures of the resin and hardener is important.

Some things should be considered before you decide to get and use an epoxy gun. This is because a perfect gun for one task might not be good enough for another. Bearing this in mind, some of the things you need to consider before getting an epoxy gun include the following:


Epoxy Gun: Complete Guide & Top 3 Products || Epoxy Gun- What does it mean?

Thrust Ratio

This is about how well the gun can ensure that the content in the cartridges is released. You should not get something that will make you struggle in this regard. In the same vein, make sure it is not a product that would let out more than you would have it disperse.


Projects that require the application of epoxy glues are unique in their own right. This is why going for an adjustable epoxy gun is advised. This would allow you to apply the epoxy glue in a manner that is best suited for the project you have.


You can get a good product that would not get the job done if you fail to get the right size. This explains how important this point is and so it should influence your choice of epoxy gun.

Where Can You Get an Epoxy Gun?

This tool can either be purchased online or offline. Whether you decide to get yours online or offline, you need to get it from the right source. Here are some tips to help in that regard:

Buy from Sellers that Specialize in Selling Epoxy Products

There is a wide range of epoxy products and some brands have taken it upon themselves to specialize in selling them. We are talking of products such as epoxy – glues, mixers, self-leveling resins, hardeners, and several other products.

It is a lot better to deal with such sellers as they understand how to keep these items before their purchase as this is very important. For example, you can get an epoxy gun with broken parts when you patronize the wrong seller. This is because they do not fully understand how to properly store such products.

Buy from Reputable Brands

Some brands like Walmart, Amazon, and Home Depot sell things other than epoxy products. However, they can be trusted as they know how to get and store these products. Coupled with the fact that they are reputable brands, buying your epoxy guns from them is a good idea.

Best Epoxy Guns 2022

Epoxy guns make the application of especially two-component epoxy glues seamless. However, this also depends on the quality of the epoxy gun being used. In the spirit of ensuring that you use the right epoxy gun, here are some recommendations:

Agnirame Dual Component Epoxy Gun

Those in need of dual component epoxy guns can look in its direction. This is because you can have the content of your epoxy resin and hardener dispersed at the same time, and with the required mixing formula. You just have to make sure that it is the right size.

But by and large, it is an amazing product, especially judging from most of its reviews. This epoxy gun product is perfectly designed to aid in dispersing 400ml cartridges of all kinds using the 1:1 mix ratio.


It Is Made Using Premium Quality Materials – It is made of iron for the most part and this ensures that it remains intact for a long time

  • Multipurpose Value – It is one product that is great at dispersing epoxy resin and hardeners. However, this is not the only product it can help with as there are several others
  • It Is Portable – It can be moved around easily because of its compact size
  • Easy Usage – Its application technique makes it this way
  • Great Price – It has a very impressive cost-to-value ratio as noted by industry experts


  • Not best suited for cartridges other than 400ml

You can check the current price on Amazon

Dafeike Epoxy Gun

This epoxy gun comes highly rated for those that need something that can work with 400ml cartridges and disperses with the 1:1 mix. The ease of using this product is one of its major highlights and why it has generated so many positive reviews. If these are features that you care about in epoxy guns, then you should consider this product.


  • It Is Lightweight – Using and moving this product around is not a backbreaking task because of how compact it is
  • It Is Durable – This is thanks to its top-quality materials (mostly ABS and Nylon)
  • Available and Supportive Customer Service Team – The manufacturer has a customer service team that attends to the needs (complaints or clarifications) of customers
  • Excellent Thrust Technique – With 28:1 as its trust ratio, it is not difficult to get the content inside the cartridges out
  • Possible to Squeeze Even with Low Temperature


  • It Is Only Designed for 400ml Cartridges
  • It Takes Frequent Use to make it Easier to Use
  • Its Lubricating Oil Can Mix with the Epoxy Content
  • Not Designed to Disperse Most Hilti Dual Epoxy Products

You can check the current price on Amazon

JES Innovations Epoxy Gun

The trust ratio of this product is one of the reasons it is ideal for dealing with epoxy glues. But beyond its trust quality, the consistency at which this happens proves that this product is top-quality. So, you do not only have the content of the cartridge coming out as it should. This happens with great consistency making it the ideal epoxy gun for dispersing epoxy glues


  • Made with Top-Quality Material
  • High-Performance Epoxy Gun Especially because of its Thrust consistency
  • Deliberate Structural Design to Prevent Hand fatigue while in Use
  • It is a Portable Epoxy Gun
  • Safe to Use


  • It Is Not a Dripless Epoxy Gun – So the content inside the cartridge might come out even when this is not your intention

You can check the current price on homedepot

Frequently Asked Questions about Epoxy Guns

Can You Use a Caulking Gun for Epoxy?

A caulking gun can be used for epoxy. These products are designed to disperse different combinations and sizes of adhesives. Besides, the terms caulking gun and epoxy guns are sometimes used interchangeably even though there are differences.

Do Epoxy Guns Work with any Mix Ratio?

Epoxy guns do not work with every mix ratio. This is why you need to make sure you are getting something that is best suited for your mixing needs. Some of the mix ratios include 1:1, 4:1, 2:1, 10:1, and a few others.

How Is a Pneumatic Epoxy Gun Different from a Manual Epoxy Gun?

Using pneumatic epoxy guns is a lot easier because of how assistance is offered through the air compressor system. On the contrary, a manual epoxy gun requires manual operation as the name suggests. This is because they are not electrically operated or run on batteries. Just like it works with caulk guns, the pressure applied to the trigger area determines how much content will be dispersed from the cartridge.


In order to get the right epoxy gun, you need to consider some things. Thrust capabilities, adjustability, the type and size of the epoxy glue in question, and the application formula are some of the things to consider. These considerations should influence your choice of epoxy guns (including the ones listed and discussed here).