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Epoxy Design Ideas

Epoxy resins are a type of thermosets that are made from two components: resin and hardener. The resin itself is usually made from an epoxy

Metallic epoxy floor

Metallic epoxy floor is one of the best flooring systems people opt for for its many benefits. Aside from its aesthetic appeal and suitability for


Epoxy Tumbler Ideas

The art of using resin to beautify tumblers has been on for years now. Epoxy tumblers are a shift from normal tumblers to more stylish

Epoxy Dining Table

You’re probably tired of the boring traditional dining tables made from ceramics, glass, marble, or just wood. You’re not alone in this. Many people too

Epoxy basement floor

There are many alternatives when you think about basement flooring solutions, epoxy basement floors are considered one of the best. Its stunning design options, ease

Epoxy Coffee Tables

Epoxy coffee tables, which have gained massive popularity since 2019, give off a glamorous beauty and are outstanding. Like many other unconventional tables, the need