Epoxy Driveway: Complete Guide & Top 4 Products

Nick Shushan
By Nick Shusan , Epoxy Expert and the CEO of NYC Epoxy Flooring.

August 17, 2022

Most homeowners care about the look of their homes and the priority given to different sections of the home differs. In most cases, they focus more on some of the sections that will be noticed quickly by visitors. The driveway is arguably one of the first attractions when visitors come to the home. You need to maintain the driveway just like you maintain other parts of the home.

You have different options when you think of what you can do to maintain the driveway. It is, however, unlikely that you will first think of making use of an epoxy driveway. Many homeowners consider it a complex process and could perhaps take more money than other options such as concrete and interlock.

The truth is the epoxy driveway is an upgrade of other options. Its features and benefits make it comparatively better than the options. Keep reading for more information about the epoxy driveway.





What is an epoxy driveway?

Epoxies are considered by many as the strongest adhesive anybody can use for both industrial and commercial purposes. It can cure or bind on different surfaces such as wood, metal, concrete surfaces, and a lot more.

Like most of the other epoxies, you will see in the market, the epoxy driveway consists of two parts, which are mixed to make concrete surfaces bond very well. Depending on the formula adopted by the manufacturer, some epoxy driveways can have more than 2cm thickness.

Moreover, it is easier to apply it on any surface of choice. Most products will be packaged with instructions on their usage. Before application, you have to prepare the concrete surface. This includes getting rid of all forms of debris, coating residuals, and patching up holes and cracks on the surface.

One unique thing about epoxy driveway when applied properly is that it will not absorb oil leakage from your car or other forms of chemicals. Therefore, it is stress-free to get rid of contaminants on the surface. Moreover, an epoxy driveway could withstand heavy rain and other harsh conditions.  

While you can apply epoxy driveway yourself, you could mess it up if you are not skilled and fail to comply with the instructions in the kit. The implication of this is that it might not last on your driveway or you will spend money to buy another kit. You can seek the service of an expert.

Where you can buy epoxy driveway

You can get the epoxy driveway anytime you need it and you have two alternative means of getting it. You can either get it at a designated store in your vicinity or order it on popular online shopping platforms.

If you are buying online, you have the time to compare different products, review the prices and also get the product shipped to your home. The glitch with ordering the product online is that you could be asked to pay for shipping, depending on the platform and the seller. Also, you might experience difficulties in speaking with a representative of the seller in case there is an issue with the product.

On the other hand, when you are buying epoxy driveway in a designated local store, you can physically inspect the product, speak with the seller, read the instructions, and also take it home immediately after payment. However, your choices could be limited and the product might not be available in the closest store to your location.

Benefits of the epoxy driveway

Though you have other options apart from the epoxy driveway, some of the options are out of vogue, some are relatively expensive, and others are difficult to maintain. Here are a few of epoxy driveway’s benefits.

Fit for use on any surface

Irrespective of the nature of the surface that you could think of, the epoxy driveway will adhere to such a surface. Not only will it adhere, but it will also stand strong for a longer duration be it on a concrete surface, driveways, walkways, and the rest.

Cost efficient

Unlike some walkway options that will require a complete overhaul, the epoxy driveway can be applied on any existing surface and it will adhere firmly. This means a reduction in the cost of installing it. Moreover, it is easier to maintain because it will maintain its original look without getting stained. You don’t even need any special material to clean or maintain it.

Ability to withstand harsh weather

The additive component of the epoxy driveway can withstand harsh conditions and it is unlikely that the color will fade, crack, or fail. Concrete on the other hand could give way to crack or shrink when exposed to severe weather.

Very strong

Another thing that makes epoxy driveway comparatively better is that the material is very strong and this will make it survive different abuse. For instance, it could deal with the weight of the vehicle, oil and chemical leakages from the vehicle, and a lot more.  

Best epoxy driveway in 2022

Some of the benefits of the epoxy driveway have been highlighted above but there are numerous products in the market from different manufacturers. Some of the best you can buy in 2022 are highlighted below.

Epoxy Floor Kit – Epoxy-Coat”Good” Full Kit Gray Base with Gray Blend Flakes 

This ranks as one of the most durable and versatile epoxy driveways that you can get on the market in 2022. Its application is not limited to the driveway alone, you can also use it for basement, garage, and other floor coating. It ranks top among the thickest epoxy driveways. 


It is easy to apply.

It can be used for other floors apart from driveways.  

It is also odor and slip-resistant.


It is relatively costly

It might not work effectively if applied on a painted surface.

You can check the current price on amazon 

AeroMarine Rock and Pebble Paving Epoxy Resin 

The AeroMarine epoxy resin guarantees you full coverage of the driveway and a shiny look. It is also suitable for other usage apart from the driveway. Though it goes in thin, it gives a perfect driveway when it is finished. Moreover, it can also cure pebbles and this makes it a good choice for application on an existing surface.


You don’t need to hire any expert because it is easy to mix and apply.

Due to its thinness, it dries faster than some other epoxy driveway products.


Its level of thickness is something to worry about.

You can check the current price on amazon 

Deep Pour Epoxy Resin

One of the things that makes this product popular is that no floor project requires the use of resin that it is not suitable for. Its ability to withstand harsh conditions makes periodic maintenance easier. It is also scratch resistant. 


It is safe and without odor.

It gives a shiny look after the project.


Difficult to handle, especially if you are not skilled.

You can check the current price on homedepot

Dr Crafty Crystal Clear Art Resin Epoxy

Dr Crafty Crystal Clear Art Resin Epoxy 2 Part, 2 Gallon Kit Casting Resin Countertop Epoxy Wood Epoxy Resin Kit with Measuring Cups, Plastic Spreader and Sticks

This is a product that is popular for its adhesiveness and durability, irrespective of the surface where you apply it. Also, the product is safe and easy to use, especially for people who are trying epoxy for the first time. Some of the things that make the product special are that it is bubble free and transparent when it has cured. 


It cures faster.

It is odorless and non-toxic.


You might experience difficulty when you want to pour it.

You can check the current price on walmart 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the epoxy driveway slippery?

This is usually the concern of many homeowners when they think of what to apply on the floors of their homes. This is because slippery could be hazardous. Yes, an epoxy driveway could be slippery in the slightest availability of moisture. This situation is caused when the epoxy resin is wrongfully mixed or applied.

What is the lifespan of an epoxy driveway?

If installed and maintained properly, an average epoxy driveway could last for a decade or more. It is unlikely that you see any traces of cracks, faded color, and other signs of damage in the driveway. This is even one of the main things you will benefit from when you use it.

How much does an epoxy driveway cost?

You will likely spend more than the cost of buying the products that have been highlighted above when you want to upgrade to an epoxy driveway. The total cost of getting it done includes labor if you will not be doing it, materials, the price of some effects that you might want to add to it, and the type of product you want to use.


Epoxy resin is a perfect option for upgrading the driveway. It is durable and could be used to achieve different preferential designs such as patterns and colors. From the available driveway options, epoxy is relatively the best. Any of the products that have been highlighted in this article is a good choice.