10 Unique Epoxy Flake Designs to Enhance Your Home or Office

Nick Shushan
By Nick Shusan , Epoxy Expert and the CEO of NYC Epoxy Flooring.

December 25, 2022

Epoxy Flakes Design

Epoxy flakes are one of the most beautiful and versatile flooring options available. It can switch up and transform any space taking it from mundane to extraordinary.

However, you have to be careful when it comes to choosing epoxy flakes. Apart from the size, you need to know the colors that combine well with the space you are looking to design.

This article will help you with creative epoxy decorative flake designs and show you what spaces they fit best in and how they do.

Let’s dive in right away. Here are some beautiful epoxy design ideas that you’ll want to try out.

1. Double Broadcast Flakes

10 Unique Epoxy Flake Designs to Enhance Your Home or Office || Double Broadcast Flakes

Source: Pinterest

This epoxy decorative flake looks like natural rock slices. The monochrome mix makes it suitable to meet your various decorative needs.

The blend can cover the marks on the wall and floor and can blend into various forms of wall and floor decorations.

The color chips are suitable for both indoors and outdoors, laundry rooms, garages, and private, and public spaces.

If you are looking for a way to make your floor more charming and beautiful, this is one of the best decorative effects.

2. Red, Black, White, and Ash

10 Unique Epoxy Flake Designs to Enhance Your Home or Office || Red, Black, White, and Ash

Source: Pinterest

Unlike the common epoxy decorative flakes you may have seen, this one is different. It combines a unique blend of colors that makes it appear one-of-a-kind in a very beautiful way.

These flakes can guarantee your floors look like millions! If you are looking for a way to transform your space from normal to awesome, then you should try these flakes.

The colors offer a unique kind of customization as well since the combination is rare. Using this decor is sure to spice and light up your space.

3. Crystal Flake Shelf Brown

10 Unique Epoxy Flake Designs to Enhance Your Home or Office || Crystal Flake Shelf Brown

Source: Pinterest

One of the major benefits of epoxy floors is the beauty they offer and this flake delivers right on point!

If you’re looking to use epoxy decorative flakes for commercial sake, especially in retail stores, why not go for this design?

This is attractive and will complement the color of the shelves better than most other flakes. It is perfect for restaurants, coffee shops, and even bars.

However, if you love it for your home, consider pairing it with a rustic kind of design, especially in the living room, kitchen, or study.

4. Metallic Color Combination

10 Unique Epoxy Flake Designs to Enhance Your Home or Office || Metallic Color Combination

Source: Pinterest

This epoxy decorative flake is beyond visually stunning. It appears metallic and sophisticated and would suit a wide variety of designs, usage, and applications.

While there may be color variations, this one just looks like the ultimate. Want to step it up? Add some shimmers and extra effects. For instance, waves, embers, and clouds will do for an even more customized look.

5. Epoxy Black

10 Unique Epoxy Flake Designs to Enhance Your Home or Office || Epoxy Black

Source: Pinterest

Do you like epoxy flakes but not exactly the cracked-looking type of decorative flakes around? Why not try out this one?

This looks like terrazzo, a flooring design that has been around since the 1500s. There are now modern variations of the design and you can surely make your epoxy turn out like one!

One of the benefits you get to enjoy is the possible application on high-traffic concrete surfaces. It’s also best if you have a minimalist kind of personality and do not want to do loud designs.

6. Blue, Black, and White

10 Unique Epoxy Flake Designs to Enhance Your Home or Office || Blue, Black, and White

Source: Pinterest

Have you ever dreamt of fixing an emblem such as your logo on the floor? The epoxy coating makes it possible but this decorative flakes design makes it come alive even better.

What is most lovable about these flakes is that it allows you to add your touch and more personalized finishes. If you love customization, this may be your best epoxy flakes option.

You can even decide to take it a step further by combining it with other kinds of epoxy flakes designs.

7. Striped White, Blue, and Ash

10 Unique Epoxy Flake Designs to Enhance Your Home or Office || Striped White, Blue, and Ash

Source: Pinterest

When you think of epoxy decorative flakes, you probably don’t think of this. But with a flake like this one on your floor, you can create beauty and make your space appear energizing.

A great idea for this flake would be a penny floor with checkerboard patterns.

Do you want something eye-catching and easy to notice? Try this!

8. White, Gold, and Grey

10 Unique Epoxy Flake Designs to Enhance Your Home or Office || White, Gold, and Grey

Source: Pinterest

Your home may already be stylish, but you need to bring in a modern flair. The colors of these flakes will go well with your walls and trim, creating a space that you always want to be in.

If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your home and mimic the look of high-end designs or materials, this combination is the best fit.

9. Midnight Blue

10 Unique Epoxy Flake Designs to Enhance Your Home or Office || Midnight Blue

Source: Pinterest

Transformation is the apt word for the results that these epoxy decorative flakes deliver. You can turn an ordinary floor into stunning and extraordinary with this mix.

What you get is a combination of beauty and blended effects. You’ll surely be impressed with the results that you get.

10. Silvery and Black Coral

10 Unique Epoxy Flake Designs to Enhance Your Home or Office || Silvery and Black Coral

Source: Pinterest

Do you need a total renovation and makeover to step up the look of your office? Maybe a flooring update is all you need?

This epoxy flake looks like it was created specifically for office designs. It is modern, sleek, and gives you confidence.

If you want to make a statement in your office and don’t want to spend too much on renovation, try epoxy flooring with these flaked colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Epoxy Flakes?

Epoxy flakes are also known as paint chips. They are decorative colored flakes that can be used to produce visually pleasing and aesthetic epoxy finishes.

They are utilized in floor coatings to give the floor texture, and visual appeal, and hide imperfections. Epoxy flakes can also be used to thicken the coating applied.

Where Can You Buy Epoxy Flakes?

You can buy epoxy flakes from several online retail stores. Marketplaces like Home Depot, Amazon, and Etsy sell various kinds, designs, and colors. You can place your order anytime and have it delivered to you.

What Can You Do With Epoxy Flakes?

Epoxy Flakes serve the main purpose and intent of paint. They are manufactured in several sizes and colors. The largest size is about an inch and the smallest is about 1/32.

Epoxy flakes are majorly used for walls and floor decorators hiding imperfections, and resistance. The most common sizes are about a quarter of an inch.

How Much Does Epoxy Flakes Cost?

Epoxy flakes are measured in pound bags. A one-pound bag of it costs about $15 on average and would cover between 120 to 250 square feet depending on the complexity of the design

If you are using epoxy in a highly visible space, it may cost more.


An epoxy decorative flake is simply a type of epoxy decoration. One major benefit is that it can fit into the design of any space and you can choose from several colors.

While the choice of colors is based on preference, one thing is crucial, and that is ensuring that the design you choose matches your space.