4 Steps to Easily Apply Epoxy Grout – A Complete Guide

Nick Shushan
By Nick Shusan , Epoxy Expert and the CEO of NYC Epoxy Flooring.

June 14, 2022

Due to the great qualities of epoxy grout, it is the preferred type of grout for both indoor and outdoor projects. It acts as a great sealant and is resistant to extreme conditions which makes it a better option than cement grout. It can be used in dry places as well as damp places including bathrooms, swimming pools, and showers. It has a lasting effect and is resistant to stain.

This article would walk you through the few easy steps to applying epoxy grout successfully. 


Steps-by-step Application Of Epoxy Grout

Whether you have an outdoor project, an indoor project, or a commercial project, these application steps would make your job easier as you work.

Step 1: Prepare Your Workspace

 Get everything you would need for the application of your epoxy grout ready and close to you. This would help you to save time as you work because working with epoxy grout is time-sensitive. You would need to work fast. These are the tools you would be needing; your grout mixture, trowel, a bucket of water, a dry sponge, a scrub pad, and an electric drill with a mixing paddle.

Step 2: Clean Out The Grout Joint

It is important to remove all impurities from the grout joints as well as any surface you might be applying epoxy grout to before you apply your epoxy grout. This is done to ensure the effectiveness of the epoxy grout. Clean and if possible, scrape every mortar remnant on your tiles and in the grout joints. Also, do well to remove standing water using a sponge. Ensure that your tiles are properly set and clean, as well.

Step 3: Prepare Your Grout Mixture

Epoxy grout is made from two components, the grout mix, and the hardener. The grout mix and the hardener are mixed by pouring all of the hardener (part B) into the grout mix (part A). After this addition, you are to stir these components thoroughly to ensure an even mix. For effectiveness, use your electric drill with your mixing paddle attached to it. After a smooth paste is achieved, you can now apply your grout mixture but this has to be done within 45 minutes because epoxy grout cures fast. If you are working with a large quantity, it is advisable to distribute your epoxy grout mix in different smaller batches to keep it from hardening. 

Step 4: Apply The Epoxy Grout Mix

Using your trowel, apply the epoxy grout mix to the grout joint and ensure there are no unfilled spaces. This should be done within 45 minutes to keep the grout mix from hardening before you apply it. After the application, clean off any excess grout mix from the tile surface for a neat outcome. Do this using a sponge and water.


4 Steps to Easily Apply Epoxy Grout - A Complete Guide



With these few steps, you can easily get on with your DIY or construction projects without a hitch.