How To Fix Pinholes In Epoxy

Nick Shushan
By Nick Shusan , Epoxy Expert and the CEO of NYC Epoxy Flooring.

August 17, 2022

There are a lot of common mistakes most people make that cause pin holes or bubbles to come out in an epoxy. You must know that these holes are a result of trapped air bubbles that occur in the process of applying epoxy on surfaces and this usually happens after the coat applied has dried off or if it wasn’t properly primed.

It can seem like a herculean task to fix pinholes, especially when they’ve appeared after the application of your epoxy. Although, it’s important to know that the best way to avoid having pinhole problems is to avoid making certain mistakes during the application of your epoxy in the first instance. In this guide, we’ll take a look at a few ways to help you fix pinholes in epoxy.

Step 1: Identify the cause of the pinholes and avoid repeating similar mistakes 

Be sure to take caution while applying your epoxy and pay close attention to things that could cause pinholes and try to avoid them. Things like improper priming, wrong mixing techniques, over-application of moisture, wrong temperature measurement, etc, can cause pinhole problems.

Step 2: Fill the hole 

There are various suggestions as to what you can do to fix pinholes but here’s a reliable process you can follow;

  1. Clean out the hole to remove unwanted particles like dust or dirt.
  2. Prepare another mixture of the same epoxy used before and set it aside.
  3. You can choose to sand the surface with sandpaper just before you apply the fresh coat of epoxy and clean lightly with a little quantity of alcohol in a tissue or smooth piece of cloth(optional).
  4. Apply the epoxy in the hole gently and without any rush to avoid bubbles. Also, apply around the edges if necessary.
  5. After applying the epoxy coat, use a heat gun or a propane torch to eliminate bubbles. Do not place the heat gun or torch directly onto the epoxy or in a fast motion as it can disrupt or create a messy result.
  6. Let it dry and cure properly. You can sand again if need be and clean it to remove dust when you’re done sanding 


Remember to avoid making mistakes and take precautionary measures. A common mistake a lot of people tend to make is that they do not take extra caution while prepping their epoxy for application and that paves way for trapped air bubbles which can later result in pinholes when dried. If possible, get the air bubbles out of the epoxy while it’s still wet by vacuuming and take care to avoid making mistakes that could cause pinholes.