The Ultimate Guide: How to Epoxy Anchor Bolts into Concrete

Nick Shushan
By Nick Shusan , Epoxy Expert and the CEO of NYC Epoxy Flooring.

December 30, 2022

Anchor bolts are an important part of many constructions and manufacturing operations because they provide a stable connection point for various materials to concrete. Epoxy creates a strong and long-lasting bond, making it a popular option for fastening anchor bolts into concrete.

This post will present step-by-step guidance on how to epoxy anchor bolts into concrete, assuring a reliable and long-lasting attachment. This straightforward method will equip you with the expertise and confidence to firmly attach anchor bolts to concrete using epoxy, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast.

How To:

Step 1:The first thing you should do is remove old anchor bolts from the ground

Step 2: The second step is to clean the location of the new anchor bolts.

Step 3: Ensure the epoxy glue is thick enough to stick but thin enough to go through the bolt holes.

Step 4: Using the hammer, drive the anchor bolt into the concrete at one end of the hole.

Step 5: Keep going until all the bolts are in their respective holes.

Step 6: Once all the anchor bolts are in place, mix up some more epoxy and sprinkle it around each hole to cover the gap between the bolts and the concrete.

Tools Required

To Epoxy Anchor Bolts Into Concrete, The following items are required:

1. A color-matched epoxy primer for the concrete you’ll be using.

2. Tools for applying epoxy primer to concrete, such as brushes and rollers.

3. If you’ve applied the epoxy primer using a brush or roller, you may want to go over the edges with a trowel or putty knife to ensure it’s all nice and even.

4. You’ll need a container with a cover to combine your epoxy’s hardener and catalyst, so you can avoid introducing air to the mixture while it cures (hardening).

Final Note

Epoxying anchor bolts into concrete is a simple operation that can produce a strong and permanent attachment point. Following this article’s procedures, you can ensure your anchor bolts are properly secured and up to the task.