Epoxy Clay: Ultimate guide & Top 3 Products

Nick Shushan
By Nick Shusan , Epoxy Expert and the CEO of NYC Epoxy Flooring.

December 25, 2022

Epoxy clay is a material that can be used for different purposes and has various benefits. It is an excellent choice for sculptors because it is accurate, flexible, and makes details stand out. It is also used to make bricks and mortar in the building industry.

Also, epoxy clay can be used around the house to fix a leaking pipe or fill a hole with putty. Epoxy clay can be used on any surface and is also waterproof.

Epoxy clay is one of the easiest materials to work with because it can be molded into many shapes, cut, and drilled.

Read on if you want more information on epoxy clay, including steps on how to use it and some recommended epoxy clay products.

What is Epoxy Clay

Epoxy clay is a substance that hardens at room temperature and is made of two clay-like parts. Due to its ability to become hard when mixed, it is often used as a flux when working with metal.

Since it can quickly and easily bond many different materials, Epoxy clay is widely used for construction, sculpting, art, etc.

The effectiveness of epoxy clay depends on how fast the hardener sets and how the chemicals react. Once Dried, the epoxy clay will form a hard outer layer that protects the concrete underneath from damage caused by weather and other things.

Different kinds of epoxy clay have different compositions, but most have an acrylic base mixed with different clays and other things.

How to Use Epoxy Clay

One of the main reasons that epoxy clay is so popular is how easily it can be used and how efficient it is. You only have to mix the parts by hand, and your epoxy clay is ready for use. Epoxy clay is soft, so you can use it to fix cracks and pipes with ease.

Once the place is sealed correctly, you can leave it to dry. When dry, it becomes hard and difficult to get off a surface. You can also keep the extra epoxy safe, and it will still be good when you want to use it again.

To use epoxy clay effectively, follow the following steps:

Epoxy Clay: Ultimate guide & Top 3 Products || How to Use Epoxy Clay

  • Before using epoxy putty, ensure that all surfaces are rough and clean.
  • Mix equal amounts of both drops of glue together (resin and hardener) to make the clay hard.
  • After being activated, the putty can be shaped for about 5–10 minutes. You can put the glue on any surface that needs fixing and remove any extra putty.
  • Keeping any leftover putty in a container that keeps air out will keep it soft and fresh for future use.

Remember that once the clay has hardened, you can’t change it back to the clay-like state it was in before. But you can drill, tap, file, sand, seal, and paint on it.

Recommended Epoxy Clay Products

Depending on your goal, several epoxy clay products and brands are on the market. Some of the best epoxy clays you can find include:

Smalltongue AB Epoxy Sculpt Clay

Small-tongue AB epoxy sculpt clay is one of the best epoxy clays on the market and is highly preferred by sculpting professionals because it is strong and easy to use. Due to its high viscosity, flexibility, and anti-shrinking properties, it can also be used for sculpting.

For use, thoroughly mix the raw chemicals that come with it in a ratio of 1:1 by volume and leave it to harden.

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Apoxie Sculpt

Apoxie Sculpt Epoxy Clay is a sulfur-free, non-flammable epoxy clay manufactured in the US. Due to its durability and non-flammable nature, it is used in homes to hold ceramic, wood, stone, plastic, glass, foam, metal, and other materials together.

Apoxie Sculpt Epoxy Clay is water-proof, hardens clay quickly, and doesn’t shrink, making it a popular pick among professionals.

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Old Potters Mid High Fire White Stoneware Clay

Old Potters Mid-High Fire White Stoneware Clay is one of the epoxy clays you can trust. You can use this clay to make various art pieces that look unique and rich. The high quality of this clay means that it will stay fresh for all kinds of art projects.

Due to its durability, flexibility, and plastic nature, you can use it for hand building, slab work, sculptures, and other uses.

Also, because it has a low amount of iron, which makes it suitable for limiting how much it interacts with the glaze surface, it is reliable for various purposes.

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Epoxy clay is a material that can be used in several ways and has many benefits. Epoxy clay is used for many things, like building, sculpting, and art, due to its ability to quickly and easily bond different materials together.

It is important to use epoxy clay correctly to achieve the desired result. Go through the recommendations to choose the best epoxy clay for you today!